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bronson farr
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If you're looking for a guy to take pictures of some stiff poses and forced smiles, I'm probably not the photographer for you. Candid, soft poses are where I live.

I’m a lifestyle photographer who’s a big fan of naturally lit intimate, in-home sessions. Whether it be weddings, head shots, family or commercial photos- manipulating natural light along with a sweet location make for the perfect combination depth, color and composition. 


Couples sessions, Headshot sessions start at $400 || Weddings start at $3000 || Hourly $220

you + me

 Collaborating with you produces a result that both of us will be proud of. I often time ask to meet you briefly prior to our session. This allows us to (1) go to happy hour, and (2) to discuss you and what you desire to capture I might ask you to sit and smile for me but, I’m more likely to have you do something natural or silly- anything that will help to capture real emotion and happiness.

A boy named BRONSON

My name is Bronson. Yep, that's my first name. I grew up in San Francisco, CA, and after a few long stays in South Africa, England, and Denmark, I left Cali for good and landed in the beautiful mess of New York City. Here, I adventure around the city with my love, Sam Canvin. He's an award winning graphic designer/art director, so I'm super stoked to have him be part of pretty much every shoot I do. We're super cute together, you'll see us and just get it. 

Dont worry guys, its not really a bear. It's me :)

Dont worry guys, its not really a bear. It's me :)

Photography started out as a hobby for me about 7 years ago. Before I knew it, my love for people and the work had driven my hobby to become something bigger and better than I ever imagined. Today I'm way lucky to be shooting weddings, portraits, commercial gigs, fashion and lifestyle with couples- I couldn't be happier.  

Other things you should know about me: I’m an avid traveler (Sam and I literally have memberships to all the airport lounges),  I inhale carbs, I'm terrified of a world without live music. I think optimism and adventure are the best ways to stay healthy. And, one day I want to be the owner of a dog I can wrestle. Like, legit wrestle.

 Drop me a line, let’s have a consultation (and a whiskey).

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